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Vertex Difference

With a keen focus on quality of exercise over quantity, at Vertex Fitness, we guide our clients through a system of evidence-based resistance training workouts that last less than 30 minutes. The result: sessions that are safe, efficient, and effective, all while delivering real-life results. Learn more about our philosophy and how we work .

About Vertex Fitness

People exercise for a variety of personal reasons – they want to feel better, get healthier, look better, get stronger, and lead longer, productive lives. They may also harbor misgivings, such as fear of injury having never worked out before, or worrying they won’t have the time to commit to making a real difference.

At Vertex Fitness, we want to introduce you to a whole new way of looking at exercise and wellness. We are committed to working with you to help you overcome any doubts, focus on your goals in a private setting, and guide you through safe, efficient, and definitely effective workouts to get you there.

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Our Core Principles

Vertex Fitness workouts are designed around three core areas, no matter what your personal goals. Combined focus and improvement in these areas is scientifically proven to deliver the most beneficial total body experience.

"First, do not harm"

Similar to physicians, Vertex and its staff uphold principles of the hippocratic oath, vowing to always make their client’s safety their top priority. It is the Vertex belief that you should never get hurt working out.

The Trainers

Lead by owner Dwayne Wimmer, Vertex trainers are a team of skilled, friendly professionals who work with you and for you. Each session your trainer will lead you through a safe, balanced program of progressive resistance training that relates to your personal fitness goals, history, and limitations. All Vertex trainers are required to complete a six week intensive training program to ensure they fully understand the methods utilized in Vertex workouts, as well as anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and customer service.

The Expertise

At Vertex you can expect a no-frills environment and a session filled with education to get you started. There are no trendy machines, equipment, or classes; we do not subscribe to gimmicky programming or what we call “exertainment”. Right away, you will get that accomplished feeling, and after a few sessions with us, you’ll see how our evidence-based strength training method can transform your body and your attitude.

The Accolades

Our clients truly love the experience and benefits of working out at Vertex. So much so that we’ve been named ‘Best of the Main Line’ by Main Line Magazine an impressive six times, ‘Best of the Best’ by Main Line TImes, and a Top Gym by Philadelphia Style magazine. Check out even more praise by clicking on this box.


Learn more about our evidence-based principals, the experience of our workout, and what makes our workout different than other, less effective conventional workouts.


We all know that the benefits that come from exercise are well-documented. Here are the benefits you can expect from our unique workout and how the team at Vertex can help you achieve them.


Less Is More

In and out in less than an hour, our efficient and effective workouts will allow you to enjoy all of the general health and fitness benefits that strength training can produce:

If a person exercises with high enough effort levels, they will only be able to sustain it for short period of time. When exercising with low intensity, the session will last much longer for the same results. Exercising with higher effort is a great way to make your training sessions effective as well as time efficient. You will not need to perform multiple sets of each exercise. Time is no longer a limiting factor. Effort has a huge impact on exercise duration.

  • Purposeful and Meaningful Movements
  • Controlled Form
  • Higher Focused Effort
  • Fewer Sets
  • Safer Exercise
  • Reduce Injury
  • More Recovery Time
  • Better Results