Fitting Exercise Into Busy Schedules with High Intensity Training (HIT)

Life can get pretty hectic at times with life’s busy schedule. With all the responsibilities people have to take care of i.e. work, kids and other responsibilities, people fine themselves short on time to take care of themselves. The thought of spending an hour or more in the gym four or five days a week can seem like an unreachable goal. That’s where High Intensity Training (H.I.T) comes into play. A lot of people find it hard to believe that you can get a great full body workout in about half an hour. If you have perused other Vertex Blogs you may have come across  “The Relationship Between Frequency, Duration, and Intensity” It explains the science behind how you can get the same results of your average (1 hour x 5 days per week) routine in just 2 or 3 thirty-minute H.I.T workouts per week. The biggest difference being, you save yourself from spending hours of time in the gym allowing you more time to tend to outside responsibilities. H.I.T. is also a safer option than some people would think. The words High Intensity seem to scare people. The movements in High Intensity Training are slow and steady movements done in proper form. The goal is to keep momentum and force out of the movements, as we just want to keep tension on the muscle throughout the entire range of motion.  Some of the common injuries that result from resistance training are due to improper technique or contracting the muscles in fast forceful motions putting extra stress on the  tendons and ligaments. It’s like pulling a rope, the rope is more likely to snap when there is slack and then you pull on it hard rather than when there is constant pulling at a slow even speed. Injuries could also affect your hectic schedule even more, which is why you would want a safer option like H.I.T. Now with injury you’re not completing tasks as fast and efficient slowing you down and cluttering your schedule more as well as having to fit in doctor’s appointments. So get healthy and stay healthy by fitting exercise into your busy schedule with High Intensity Training!



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