Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Why are we so scared to do things that we aren’t used to doing? Why do we fear change or failure? What is that weird sickening feeling in our stomachs that feels like a bodily shutdown has occurred? These are all questions we should ask ourselves when the symptoms of fear and discomfort overwhelm us, and try to force us back into our “comfort zone.”  When this happens to you, actually sit down and take a good hard look. What does being comfortable mean? The dictionary definition for it is “providing physical ease or relaxation, snug, cozy.” And that is exactly how I felt and what was keeping me up at night at a job I didn’t love. Sure I felt “comfortable” at my job, but without any passion or desire its hard to get up and go to work in the morning. We can easily fall into the trap of staying within our comfort zones while we perform our exercise routines, too. But if we don’t provide our muscles with the overload needed to stimulate change, we won’t get any results and our health will suffer.

Embrace Being Uncomfortable

As you look back on the moments that really define you and make you most proud, what do they consist of for you? I bet those are the moments where you felt like you forgot to take the hanger out of you shirt. Absolutely full of discomfort, uneasiness and awkwardness. I’m sure your list will include your first date, your first day of college, the day you proposed, your first job interview, a big game or championship win, and the moment you found out you were going to have your first child. This list could go on and on, but I think you get the point. When we have been at our highest level of discomfort, we didn’t die or get defeated by our fears, we excelled and rose to the occasion.  Being uncomfortable is pushing yourself outside of the little sandbox of comfort out into the big grass field we call Earth, and only then will you see what you are truly made of.

Life will always make you feel uncomfortable, but that doesn’t ever have to stop you. Always remember that it’s a good thing to feel uncomfortable, it means you are moving forward and exploring new limits for yourself. So, next time you find yourself feeling a little too comfortable, take a step out of the sandbox and into the grass field. I think you will be surprised by the end result!



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