Unmotivated? Accountability Beats it the Winter Months – (My Fitness Journey – Vertex Fitness Diary 13)

I’ll be honest with you. In the winter months, I’m very much like a squirrel. I don’t actually hibernate, but I get very lazy and unmotivated and just hang out in my nest in a pile of debris for most of the day. That makes it tough to do… just about everything. Laundry? Eh, I still have some clean t-shirts lefts. Making lunch? Canned soup is fine. Working out? You must be joking. I’m currently watching Netflix from under a pile of candy wrappers, what makes you think I’m going to get up and go work out? Spoiler alert: I didn’t actually put on these sweatpants with the intention of sweating in them.

That’s where Vertex Fitness comes in. In the winter, I’m too unmotivated to take the time to cook rice and I still haven’t vacuumed up all the fake pine needles my fake Christmas tree left behind, but I’m not actually lazy enough to completely blow off an appointment when I am expected to be somewhere at a particular time. I may not do it enthusiastically, I may still be trailing candy wrappers when I get there, but I will get there.

It’s not a terrible thing to be unmotivated. At least, I’ve learned to stop beating myself up about it. I’m just not one of those bionic people who go 1000% all day, every day. I need to recoup and wind down and get my stuff done in fits and starts. It’s really natural to have periods of lower activity, I just happen to have mine all at once for several months, like a marmot. But you know what? I’ve learned to embrace my inner marmot. Trying to be a hummingbird 100% of the time is a recipe for failure and burnout, leaving you worse off than you started. I know, because I’ve tried.

But, sometimes we need to push ourselves beyond our natural state of all-day-snoozing and actually do something good for our bodies. That’s why I workout with a personal trainer. With Vertex Fitness, working out is less like a superhuman feat done by freak people who mainline caffeine all day and more of a regular habit, not particularly more difficult or taxing than brushing your teeth. It’s just something that I show up and do at the same time, every week. I don’t even really need to worry about pushing myself to my limits; my trainer knows what my limits are, and he pushes me to them every week. He just tells me how many times to move the weight, and how to do it properly, and I do it. No soul-searching or inspirational quotes required. This may make it sound reductive or even rote, but it really is simple. I just show up with my work ethic, and my trainer gets me where I need to be.

So, rock on, fellow unmotivated marmots, and get yourself a personal trainer.

“Unmotivated? Accountability Beats it the Winter Months”, was written for Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio by Nicole Hallberg

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