Are You Over Thinking Exercise

Earlier this week, I was training a client on the row machine. The row machine is a typical exercise performed to work on the upper back muscles. Funny enough, I noticed the client over thinking their form that they almost forgot how to do the exercise! Their body was so tense that they were barely able to do any reps because they were thinking so hard about the form and trying not to mess up. I’m not saying that focusing on proper form is bad, but don’t let it tense you up to the point where you aren’t putting effort into the exercise itself. Check out a past blog of ours that explains the benefits of having a personal trainer to see how a trainer can help you get past your mental hang-ups and stop over thinking exercise.

What Happens When We Over Think?

By over thinking things, we analyze to the point where we forget to work hard. This is why a trainer like myself is important for reaching your fitness goals. During any exercise, I’m able to instruct my client so that they can focus on working hard instead of having to think so much into the proper form. Instead of over-thinking and over-analyzing the exercise, I tell my clients to loosen up, close their eyes, and listen to the cues that I’m giving them. This allows them to work hard instead of focusing all of their effort on the form.

A lot of my clients really like to close their eyes when performing an exercise. By closing their eyes, it puts them into the “zone” and they can listen to what I’m saying and focus on the muscle that we’re targeting in the exercise. Working out requires a lot of effort, and I prefer my clients to listen to the cues that I’m giving them, so that they can work hard and see results.

I’m a Victim of Over Thinking

Every week I write a blog on a different topic. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of effort that I put into thinking of a great topic. Instead of putting my time into the content, it takes me twice as long to even think of a topic. I continually sit and try to think of the BEST topic possible. Until recently, I realized that it isn’t all about the topic, but more about the content. Who cares about a good topic if the content sucks? Instead of focusing on the topic (form in exercise), I put all of my efforts into the meat of the writing (the repetitions of the exercise).

Are You Over Thinking Exercising?

If you’re a victim of over thinking exercise, than consider the things mentioned in the second paragraph. The main note is to have a trainer or someone that can guide you through an exercise, so that you work hard and have good form. Many people are either too scared to mess up their form and don’t even try or they focus so much on the form that they don’t work hard. Work with a trainer who will instruct you and show you proper form on every exercise, so that you can work hard and focus less on form.


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