Attention to Detail

The book, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff . . . and it’s all small stuff by Richard Carlson is a nice little book that tells you how not to let all of the little things in life make you crazy and how to stay calm in a stress-filled life. Good book, good premise, I tend to think that if you pay attention to the detail of the little stuff, the big stuff falls into place.

Let’s look at the Decline Press. Once you sit, we are constantly talking to you about some aspect of your performance. We make sure your shoulders are down and your elbows are up. We monitor your breathing, your lifting speed, and head position. All in all, we check out every little thing to make the exercise as purposeful as possible. When that attention to detail is brought to bear on each and every exercise, one is left with a effective and efficient workout and just enough energy left to stumble down the stairs.

If we were concerned with lifting a certain amount of weight, we wouldn’t sweat the small stuff. If getting to a certain number of repetitions was our goal, we wouldn’t sweat the small stuff. But we do sweat the small stuff! In the end, its the small stuff that benefits our clients the most.

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