back to the future25 years ago, a movie came out that raised the question, “if you could go back in time would you change your future?” The blockbuster film “Back to the Future” took that journey through time.  In honor of its 25th anniversary, I’d like to raise that same question.  25 years ago, how did you see your life turning out? Think of how far we’ve come as a society, cultural changes, and of course the technology.  In the second coming of the series we got a glimpse of the future.  Did you believe we would have flying cars and those miniature pizzas that grew in the instant microwave?  Most importantly, how has your image of yourself changed from then to now?  Most people thought they’d stay young forever and the future was always so far away. You could still eat whatever you wanted and never had to exercise, it was just a fun hobby.  Taking a look from what you envisioned 25 years ago, how did it turn out?  For most people reality wasn’t exactly what you imagined it would be.  Many people wish they had those years of youth back.  You can take your workouts “Back to the Future” with High Intensity Training.  As a philosophy of exercise HIT has been around for years.  You can hop in your Delorian and go back in the past to bring your exercise results into the future you always desired.  Your Total Body Workouts last up to 30 minutes and you feel great when you are finished.  Take a stroll down memory lane, than take your fitness you back to the future with a HIT workout.