Calorie Saving Tricks When You Eat Out

Regularly eating out can result in consuming hundreds of unwanted calories in a sitting, but luckily, there are many ways to save calories when you eat out. I’ve got the details of some of the best calorie-saving tricks for dining out. Read on for the tips, and let me know if you do these things when you eat out!

Focus on Your Goals

Whether it’s losing five pounds or cutting back on your salt intake, reminding yourself what your goals are can keep you from ordering that fatty dish. Do you focus on your health goals when you eat out to remind yourself to make the healthier choice?

Practice Portion Control

Splitting meals with friends, asking the waiter to box up half your plate right away, or asking them to nix the giant bed of mashed potatoes all can help you save calories while you dine. Do you practice portion control when you eat out?

Make Substitutions

You can’t always have it your way at all restaurants, but if you can, making substitutions can help you pare down a meal to a still-delicious but healthier calorie count. Do you make substitutions when you eat out?

Go For Low-Cal Drinks

Liquid calories can add up. Sticking to water is one way to ensure that a nice dinner out doesn’t mean hundreds of calories. If water doesn’t exactly pair as well with your meal as an alcoholic one, go for wine or beer, or order a drink that is light on the sugary mixers. Do you stick with low-cal drinks and water?

Skip Stir-Fry For Steamed

Anything deep-fried, stir-fried, or otherwise covered in oil can mean a lot of calories. Ensuring your food is steamed or grilled, not fried, can be a simple solution if you’re watching calories. Do you skip stir-fry for steamed?

What are some tricks and tips you use when you eat out to save calories? Also, let me know if you do these things when you eat out!



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