Ladies Night Out with Vertex Fitness: Presenting on “First Do No Harm”

Vertex Fitness’s Dwayne Wimmer is thrilled to be presenting at the next Main Line Today event, “Ladies Night Out“. This fun inaugural event will be taking place at The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve, in Newtown Square, PA on Thursday, April 26, 2018 from 6 – 9:00 PM. Dwayne will be taking the podium at 8:00 pm to present his talk on exercise and wellness called “First Do No Harm – Exercise Should Never Hurt You”. This great event will be benefiting the Montgomery Child Advocacy Program, whose mission is to end and prevent child abuse and neglect in Montgomery County through legal services, advocacy and education. Sponsors for this event include AME Salon and Spa, BVTLive EntertainmentChristine Palmer Hennigan of 1847Financial, and Philadelphia Closets by Design.

First Do No Harm

At Vertex Fitness, we run our studio on the premise that exercise should be effective, efficient, but above all, safe. We subscribe to the Hippocratic ideal of “First, do no harm” in our practice and with every one of our clients. We don’t think that workout injuries are normal, and we don’t accept them as the normal cost of doing business. An associate of mine at WeFit in Ottawa recently wrote a great blog post on this topic called “Exercise Should Never Injure!”
They made the observation at their practice that they see new clients coming in again and again who were dealing with repetitive exercise related injuries, who kept injuring themselves again and again without seeming to make the connection that it was their workout practices that was hurting them.
According to the folks at WeFit, “Here is a common scenario we run into: Potential client comes to meet us and their main interest is they are having trouble with their regular exercise because of reoccurring pain. They may or may not have attempted manual therapy intervention but the story is always the same. They go back to their regular exercise and the problems crop up again and they are left frustrated. Exercise is supposed to be medicine, it is supposed to prepare you for activity especially of a vigorous nature like playing a sport. It also is to protect you from aging. Aging is the common ‘go to’ we hear as to why the exercise chosen is hurting the person but never that the exercise is inappropriate for that individual.”

Exercising with Injury

We’ve talked before about how we help clients safely exercise with a pre-existing injury, but we are not in the business of causing or exacerbating injuries, as part of our Do No Harm principles. In fact, we have brought on new equipment and techniques including the highly prestigious MedX line of rehabilitative exercise equipment to help our clients treat and overcome their chronic health issues like back pain. We want our clients to know that exercise should never cause injury, regardless of what some fitness fads may tell you, and that working with a qualified and knowledgeable personal trainer is the best way to ensure a safe and effective workout.

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