Don’t Give Up, Just Keep Up the Effort!

Ever feel like you have a great workout and then the next session everything just feels heavy, you’re unmotivated, and get tired easily? It’s easy to become frustrated when you feel like your not moving forward, but the fact of the matter is, every time you workout you are bringing something different to the table that affects you are going to feel during that session. As long as you maintain the effort you put in during your workout, you’ll still gain benefits from exercising.

Every individual is different. Your body responds differently depending on many factors. Understand that there are many different factors affecting how your body responds to exercise, changes in your diet, and other activities. Stress levels, your metabolism, the amount of sleep you get, and even your genetics affect your ability to gain results from your exercise routine. And on occasion a number of these factors are not under your control. In these cases, what you need to focus on is doing the most you can for the present workout. It doesn’t matter whether it’s not as many repetitions or if the weight feels like it’s heavier for no reason, simply give 100% effort in each exercise. If you do this, then you’ll still be gaining results in the long run, you will be more likely not to injure yourself, and you will feel the accomplishment of having done all you could to benefit from your workout!

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