bad-posture-effects-jointsThroughout the day, we are providing muscular resistance against the pull of gravity. Notice how after sitting an office desk for prolonged periods of time often results in a slouched position, your shoulders roll forward and unwanted pressure is placed upon your spinal column. Tightness develops in your neck and shoulders. Sitting in that one position not only hurts your back, neck, and shoulders but will also cause tightness in your hamstrings and hip flexors. This is where a total body workout becomes essential to developing good posture. As you strengthen your body, you are better able to resists gravity’s pull. Also, performing each exercise through the entire range of motion helps to improve the functional flexibility of muscles as you strengthen them.

Strength training can affect your posture in both positive and negative ways. Another reason why total body exercises are recommended is to prevent development of muscle imbalance. Many individuals forget the need to create balance with each workout. For example, if someone focuses heavily on building their chest, and abs only, this can often result in rolling forward of the shoulders. Because these two muscle groups have become stronger, they pull on parts of the body that are weaker and untrained (aka, the back). Creating a balance between opposing muscle groups keeps the body in correct alignment and reduces the risk of chronic injury, aches, and pain. You’ll also stand taller, and feel better overall.