Dwayne Wimmer Featured on the High Intensity Business Podcast: Client Acquisition

How To Sell High Intensity Strength Training

Vertex Fitness founder and head trainer Dwayne Wimmer is very excited to share his spot recorded for the High Intensity Business Podcast. In this episode, Dwayne and podcast host Lawrence Neal talk about client acquisition and how to sell high intensity strength training in an industry rife with gimmicks and unrealistic promises, as well as many ways you can get new clients for your business and grow your bottom line.

Pain Point: Client Acquisition

Dwayne founded Vertex Fitness in 2001, and over the years he has learned a lot about client acquisition. Sales and client retention are frequent pain points for trainers and personal fitness businesses, so Dwayne has shared some of his expertise for the podcast.

Dwayne has taken the business in different directions over the years, but these days he’s focusing completely on High Intensity Strength Training, offering half hour appointments in the heart of Philadelphia’s Main Line and doing roughly twenty sessions per day. We follow HIT (High Intensity Training) protocols to do total body workouts, catering to two main demographics: busy professionals, and seniors. These two types of people tend to have the resources to seek out professional training services, and once they start seeing results they stick around for a long time. You might assume that we would focus on student athletes, but athletes have off-seasons, and they graduate.

Educating Your Client Base

A challenge for folks in the fitness industry is educating their client base. Because it takes folks a long time to get to where they are in terms of their bodies, they expect a quick fix, partially because that is what the fitness industry has been selling them and teaching them to expect. Another challenge is that some of the results that they get from following a fitness regimen aren’t even visible to them on a daily basis; for example, not many people know what their cholesterol levels are from day to day, and they don’t see those benefits until they see their doctor for a yearly exam. It’s the benefits that happen on the inside that are going to help you live a longer, healthier more productive life.

Client Acquisition Through Effective Advertising

In terms of advertising, Dwayne focuses on his primary demographics, and doesn’t waste time or money targeting those audiences that aren’t giving him the best return on his investments. For example, Dwayne won’t hand out flyers on college campuses or put ads in college newspapers, but he’ll take out an ad in the back pages of a sports program at the high school level, because their parents are busy Main Line professionals and their grandparents may be health-conscious seniors who may see the ad and come in for a consultation.

The Corporate Warrior also offers a membership package which provides exclusive content on how to grow your strength training business, including how to manage client workout volume and frequency. They also offer a forum community with live monthly Q+As from industry experts.

To hear more of the great conversation, listen to the new episode of the High Intensity Business Podcast.

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