Dwayne’s Interview on Take Charge of Your Productivity with Penny Zenker

Listen to Penny Zenker interview Dwayne Wimmer on her show “Take Charge of Your Productivity”

This week we’ll be further exploring the connection between your physical health and ability to be productive. This is your physiology, and it is an integral part of your psychology. Often we take our health for granted until something isn’t functioning correctly, and then we have a heightened sense of awareness and concern. The body is our most precious and complex machinery, yet many of us take better care of our car then we do of our bodies. You wouldn’t put diesel in an unleaded car. Why? Because it wouldn’t work anymore! So why do we continue to neglect our body, feed it foods that we know are not optimal for us, and simply not give it the attention and care that it needs? Our bodies need 3 things: activity, healthy fuel, and rest. Like your car, if we wait until something is malfunctioning there may be irreparable damage. Would you wait to change the oil on your car until it was hissing and overheating? It might be too late! Likewise you’re body needs preventative maintenance and that is what we will be talking about today. Join me as I chat with Dwayne Wimmer, owner and operator of Vertex Fitness. He will share his expertise on how to get in your best shape ever without becoming a slave to the gym!

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