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HIT Education

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What makes Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio different from other personal training options? Continued education. Our commitment to our clients begins with our expertise in the science of HIT, High Intensity Training. As part of our mission to serve our clients with the safest and most effective workouts, we recently participated in The Real Hit Experience.

The purpose of this “Intense Training for Trainers” is to provide personal trainers, strength coaches, and personal training department managers with intensive HIT education including: (1) history, philosophy, and implementation of high intensity strength training; and (2) provide the in-depth business and management training to build a safe and effective personal training business.

Vertex Fitness founder, Dwayne Wimmer, participated in the nation’s leading HIT education and training program last week to experience first-hand what the experts in this field of exercise are studying and learning regularly.

This exclusive continued education program for High Intensity Trainers was taught by the masters in the industry, of which Dwayne Wimmer is one. Learn more here from Luke Carlson, CEO of Discover Strength and Jim Flanagan, President of Resistance Solutions, Inc. to better understand their background in HIT that Dwayne Wimmer brings to the Main Line exclusively at his award-winning Bryn Mawr studio, Vertex Personal Fitness Training Studio.

Luke Carlson, CEO of Discover Strength

Over the last 10 years, Luke and his team have grown Discover Strength to one of the largest personal training studios in the world. Luke has spoken on his approach to business and leadership to audiences in a variety of industries across the globe.

Jim Flanagan, President of Resistance Solutions, Inc.

In 1968 Jim began strength training with Henry “Milo” Steinborn, the world’s strongest man at the time and champion wrestler. He continued training with Milo for years to come and along the way met Arthur Jones, inventor of Nautilus and known worldwide as the man who changed the face of fitness forever. He worked with Hall of Fame coaches and athletes, Olympic athletes, Bodybuilders, movie stars, military agencies, “high up” government officials…and the list goes on. Jim assisted Arthur in developing and founding MedX Corp., a medically based company specializing in low back, neck, and knee rehabilitation. In 1991 they launched a full line of exercise equipment under the MedX name, designed specifically for fitness and rehabilitation. Jim is a 2017 inductee to the National Fitness Hall of Fame.


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