Fitness Trends and the Truth About Exercise

Fitness trends from the the “Shake Weight” and the “Perfect Pushup” to shoes that promise to tone your thighs and bum, to bands, balls, straps, and balance boards, the fitness industry is constantly producing new equipment, classes, and methods of “exercise” to promote to both fitness specialists and the general public alike. When looking at all these fitness fads and trends, where is one to find what works, and what doesn’t, and what products and services are simply just produced in order to sell?

One thing to take into consideration is that because the fitness industry is relatively young and has only become prominent within the last thirty to forty years, there remains a lot of inconsistency amongst fitness professionals and what is considered to be sound advice. Even definitions used on a daily basis by fitness professionals remain unclear, such as the “core,” “muscle memory,” “muscle confusion” these are key terms that are used often but lack a solid definition.

In the midst of all the information, products, classes, and methods that now exist in the fitness industry, a lot of confusion has been created. Over the next few entries, I will be discussing how the fitness industry functions and why a lot of products and even fitness specialists may not have your best interest in mind. And, a reminder of what exercise really is and how your body works in response to it.

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