Fitness Trends: Why There Are So Many Products Available

In our last post we started to discuss how the fitness industry is constantly attempting to create new forms of exercise to promote to the general public and fitness professionals alike. Think about all the products you see everyday advertised on TV, the web, magazines, and basically everywhere you go. There’s always a new fitness class, a new magic machine, a new diet plan. From one perspective this could seem great! There are so many options available out there, that must mean at least one of these fitness trends will work to get you to achieve your fitness goals.

However, here’s one problem: with so many options out there, the difficulty lies in figuring out what will be both a safe and effective method for you to attain your goals without it digging into your pockets. One thing to take into consideration is why so many fitness facilities and fitness “experts” create new methods to exercise.

So why is there such a large output of new services and products in the fitness industry? Just like any business, one of objective of the fitness industry is to make money. For some fitness organizations that specialize in certifying fitness instructors and personal trainers, part of what they do is selling a variety of certifications: Zumba, pilates, Boot Camp, Step N’ Tone, you name it. You may not be aware that most fitness instructors must be certified in each one of these areas in order to teach it, that’s how many fitness organizations create revenue.

The fitness industry sells to those working in this field, who then sell their products to the general public seeking fitness guidance. There are a couple problems that occur form this: one is that there are a lot of product created to feel and look really cool. While this might be great to stay motivated, it might not get you the results you want. A second problem is that some fitness instructors and personal trainers provide misguided advice, they use terms that don’t really mean anything, like “muscle memory” and the “core.”

You may now be wondering why the fitness industry works so hard to sell fitness products and new trends, next week I’ll talk more about why the fitness industry is the way it is, and discuss what exercise really is.

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