Electrolytes and Exercise

During an aerobic or even an aerobic, the in-take of electrolytes is very important for the human body.  They are chemical substances that when dissolved or lost in sweat, they are missing the electrically charged particles or ions.  These ions are important for cellular metabolism, chemical balance, and assistance in neuro-metabolic expenditure of caloric energy.  In easier terms, your body depends on these substances!

So how does the concept relate to exercise?  I just mentioned briefly that for your body to normally function, you need them.  If you are inadequate in electrolytes, your performance in working out can be severely compromised if adequate levels of electrolytes are not present in the human body.  This can really play a factor if you go beyond two hours in exercise.  The need of electrolytes are also required for works at Vertex.  As you sweat during your workout, the amount of sodium in gatorade actually replaces the sweat that you lose while you exercise.

So what is the proper replacement of electrolytes during exercise?  The amount that you sweat and the intensity of the workout both play a factor in how much electrolytes you should take-in.  It is best to take in electrolytes gradually so that you don’t override normal body mechanics.  Before exercise you should drink about 8 to 10 oz of a sports drink before exercise.  The same amount of fluid applies for after a workout as well.  You should take in enough to support body functions while also preventing heat related issues such as cramping.  When consuming them, it needs to be done in a way that it falls under the “radar detection system” of the body while providing optimal support.


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