A Great Day in Bryn Mawr!

Saturday September 12th was a great day in the fantastic town of Bryn Mawr. Our annual Bryn Mawr Day was rockin’! This was its third year running and it was a blast.

Bryn Mawr Day began August 4, 2011. The original concept began on that August day when the Lower Merion Board of Commissioners decided to honor nineteen remarkable institutions. The first celebration was actually held September 10, 2011 and was called the Bryn Mawr 100. The following year, the reopening of the Ludington Library was the highlighted event and brought in added attractions such as the circus and musical performances. In 2013, the event was renamed Bryn Mawr Day and became the festive and high energy event we know today.

Bryn Mawr Day has brought us a wonderful day of goodies and entertainment and most definitely did not disappoint this year in 2015! The music rocked, the food was delicious, the attractions were spectacular and the people were fabulous. The awesome music came from Elise Dadourian and the Dan May band, Willson Vocal Academy, Blues Uprising, Shipley Singers and the Baldwin B-Flats.

Food is the quickest way to anyone’s heart. As I said before, this year’s Bryn Mawr Day did not disappoint; this applies to the food selection as well. This year’s celebration brought in more food vendors than any other year and if everyone’s tummies could smile, we would have all looked like the Cheshire Cat!

We here at Vertex were honored to be able to staff a table at this awesome event. Being part of the community is an extremely emphasized focal point here at Vertex. It was a thrill to talk to so many lovely people at our table. Even some of our current clients were there enjoying the festivities! This day proves that we as a community here in Bryn Mawr are stronger than ever and still thriving. While 2015 was an epic event, i am positive that next year will have even more excitement. It was a pleasure for all of us here at Vertex to witness our community buzzing like it should.

Bryn Mawr Day


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