High Intensity Training as part of Triathlon Training
For 17 years as a Javelin thrower, I spent many hours a week in the weight room, pushing and pulling around free weights.  I had spent so many years training so intensely, and being injured 70% of the time, that I thought that was the only way to train.  “More is better” was always my motto.  After retiring from the javelin, and turning my passion towards Triathlons, I still had the notion that “more is better” in terms of training.  I again, spent hours in the weight room, in the pool, on the bike, or out running.  I was spending all my time either working or training, and seeing no increase in my performance.
After changing my motto, and training the way we train our clients, with a high intensity yet shorter workout, I have seen increases in my triathlons, and have decreased my times in swimming, biking, and running!