Holiday Eating Strategies

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas season is in full swing, I thought it might be time to talk about holiday eating strategies to help you get through the holidays.

Let’s start pre-party. Before you show up at a party, eat at home. That way you won’t be as hungry when you get there.

This one can be employed just before you walk in the door. Keep a travel-sized tube of toothpaste in your car. After you park, take a small amount of toothpaste and rub it on your teeth and tongue (it shouldn’t be so much that you need to expectorate). Double benefit: your breath smells great and food just doesn’t taste right when it’s mixed with a minty paste so you won’t eat as much!

I don’t need to tell you about the many benefits of water, but if you drink two big glasses of water before you eat, you will be all sloshy and not inclined to overeat. Also, alternate your drinks with water (e.g. have a glass of wine then have a glass of water). That will keep out some empty calories!

Sometimes size does matter. For example, when you are at a party, always choose a small plate. You can visually fool your brain by filling up a small plate, rather than using a big plate that has more space which means if you don’t fill up the big plate you are starving yourself and more likely to go back for seconds and thirds.

Here is another size strategy. If I am at a party and someone brings food, I feel obligated to try it. But, I only try a little bit. I also score points if I make up a small plate and then share it with my wife.

Finally, the word “NO”. You do not have to try everything. You do not have to have another drink. Politely say no when you don’t want something. The key word is politely.

Holiday eating is fun, but it can quickly add up to a new pants size. Employ these simple, yet effective strategies to enjoy the food and the parties and the whole holiday season!


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