How to Maintain Healthy Eating Habits During the Holidays

One of the most enjoyable parts of any holiday get together is the food. We all indulge a little, but then must face the uncomfortable feeling that follows stuffing ourselves silly with turkey, mashed, and gravy potatoes, not to mention all those festive sweets and deserts. We would all like to maintain healthy eating habits during the holidays

So what are some ways we can avoid  and maintain a good diet? Here are some tips:

Think about the people you’re spending time with: Yes, there’s a lot of great food associated with the holidays, but you also have to chance to catch up with family and friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Focus on the fact that the holidays are celebrations of spending time with friends and loved ones, not just about good food.

Select Small Portions:

Don’t feel the need to pile up your plate with as much food as possible. Take small samplings of what you want to try, and then only have seconds of food you enjoyed the most.

Don’t Eat on an Empty Stomach: Saving room for a big feast by not eating breakfast or lunch may seem like a good idea, but could actually lead up to overeating even more. Instead of leaving yourself ravenous by dinnertime, have a bowl of soup, some vegetables, or cereal prior to the big holiday dinner.

Avoid alcoholic drinks and high fat appetizers:

Alcoholic drinks can pack a lot of calories,  so limit the amount you drink, same goes for sweetened beverages like soda. Also, watch out for appetizers, it may not seem like a bite size snack here or there is that much, but all those appetizers can add up to a lot.

Eat Slowly:

Give your stomach enough time to register when it gets full, as it takes time for “fullness” signals from your stomach to reach your brain. Enjoy each bite, engage in conversation at the dinner table, and drink plenty of sips of water.

Enjoy your holidays!

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