In case we have not had the pleasure of meeting one another, my name is Brian. I am a new trainer here at Vertex. I am currently in my second year at Delaware County Community College studying psychology. First off, I have to say “thank you” to Dwayne Wimmer, Todd Kleinfelter and Kelly McCauley. These two gentlemen and one lady have welcomed me in at Vertex and through their thorough training program have taught me the ins and outs of being an effective personal trainer. In my time here, I have come to realize that being one of the best trainers requires one to be educational, motivational and friendly. Another thing that is paramount to remember is that the person I am training is someone else’s mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife or simply their friend. Learning lessons like this from the people here at Vertex has shown me the true way of being a PERSONAL trainer.

As for me, I was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Thanks to my parents’ jobs, we then proceeded to live in California, New Jersey, Georgia and we finally settled here in PA. I have lived on the mainline since I was 12 years old. Despite the frequent relocations, I was a three sport competitive athlete for most of my life (Baseball, Basketball and Football). I focused on baseball in high school and attended Archbishop Carroll HS where I played four years.

I had worked in the health club setting before as general staff. Although I enjoyed the atmosphere and learned quite a bit, I knew that I wanted to take things to the next level. By taking my fitness knowledge to the next level, I found that I had a great desire to teach fitness and help people achieve their goals as opposed to being a spectator. I am ecstatic to have this opportunity to work with any and all current and future clients!