Year End Reflection – (My Fitness Journey – Vertex Fitness Diary 11)

This is my eleventh Vertex Fitness diary post, which means I’ve been writing these for just about a year now. This Christmas, while I was spending time with my family, I found myself reflecting on how far I had come in the past year. Christmas is a good time for a year end reflection, as it centers us and gets us ready to look forward into the new year. Family members remarked that they thought I looked stronger and healthier than I had been. In some aspects, they were right, and I am stronger than I’ve maybe ever been in my life. 

This is the first time I’ve dedicated part of my weekly schedule to working out and making myself stronger. In other areas of my life, as we all do, I still struggle. Like many people, I deal with symptoms of depression that make me lethargic and unmotivated to do anything, let alone do something proactive for my own health. This is where the pure routine of having a weekly personal training appointment has been crucial for me, and why my physical health is now at the center of my year end reflection. 

Establishing routines for yourself plays a huge part of lifting yourself out of a depressive episode, and some weeks knowing that I have an appointment is the only thing that gets me out of bed and into the studio. It’s tough when you’re stuck in that mindset to give yourself any kind of a pat on the back and admit that you’ve done well, but it’s important to do so, even if it feels insincere. This year, I had more energy to run after my nieces and nephews and roll out cookie dough and play games. Spending quality time with them and with the rest of my family is one of the most important things to me in my life right now. That’s why we work out–we want to live more of our lives and have the energy and strength to do more of the things we love.That’s why I work out, and that’s why I’ve kept up with it for a full year, with the help of the staff at Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio. (If they’ve helped you out this year, consider voting for them in the Best of the MainLine and Western Suburbs)

What does your year end reflection look like? How far have you come this year? What personal challenges have you overcome, and what challenges are you looking forward to tackling in the next year? Tell us in the comments, or even better, tell us on the phone how you’d like to prioritize your health this year by taking advantage of a complimentary training session.

“Year End Reflection”, was written for Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio by Nicole Hallberg

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