Perfect Form – Suburban Life Article about The Vertex Fitness Difference

We are thrilled to be featured on the cover of the March 2018 edition of Suburban Life Magazine. This feature focused on the experiences of Vertex client Tricia Raorty, who we’ve written about in the past as a personal trainer who uses a personal trainer. This feature touched on several of the benefits of using Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio which focuses on perfect form to stay strong, healthy, and free from injury.

Work Past Your Physical Limitations So You Can Be Ready for Anything

According to Tricia Raorty, “I don’t want any physical limitations,” says Roarty. “When I stopped working [as a trainer], I was still in shape, but I knew I wasn’t where I needed to be in terms of my strength and fitness. From my experience, I knew the best way to get results would be to work with a trainer who motivates you and pushes you harder, but in a safe way. That’s when I started working out with Dwayne.”

Tricia wants her workouts to support her active lifestyle, which includes running in long-distance races, going on safari through the African bush, and zip lining through the lush canopies of the Costa Rican rainforest. “My goal is to stay fit and strong, with good muscle tone and bone density,” she says. “I’ve definitely noticed that I’m strong enough to do the things I want to do. It could be something  as simple as moving a big piece of furniture and not having to wait for my teenage son to come home to do it for me. I feel strong, I feel fit, and I’ve also received the cardiovascular benefits.”

Practice Perfect Form to Minimize Injury

Dwayne Wimmer’s approach to strength training is rooted in the science of exercise and based on using the proper form to appropriately target the individual muscles and reduce the risk of injury.perfect form

 “Our approach is purposeful and meaningful,”  Wimmer says. “Everything we do is targeted, like throwing darts. If you’re taking a systematic approach to the body, you can get results without creating any imbalances. As a result, you’re creating a more stable body, so it will perform when you call upon it to do things you like, minimizing the risk of injury.”

Wimmer’s approach spares clients from injuries associated with “excess force or excess repetitions,” as well as preventing over- or under-developing muscles. Such conditions may occur when people try to hone certain muscles in order to attain a specific look— rounded shoulders, for example, or a pronounced posterior—which, in turn, can make them susceptible to injury.

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