Snow Shoveling

One of the main reasons people workout here at Vertex is to prevent injury. This time of year, though, we see an uptick in injuries, specifically back injuries. The culprit: SNOW Shoveling!

Here area few tips for less stressful shoveling:

◦ Always face towards the object you intend to lift – have your shoulders and hips both squarely facing it.
◦ Bend at the hips, not the low back, and push the chest out, pointing forward. Then, bend your knees and lift with your leg muscles, keeping your back straight.
◦ Keep your loads light and do not lift an object that is too heavy for you.
◦ If you must lift a shovel full, grip the shovel with one hand as close to the blade as comfortably possible and the other hand on the handle (handle and arm length will vary the technique).
◦ Avoid twisting the back to move the snow to its new location – always pivot your whole body to face the new direction.
◦ Keep the heaviest part of the object close to your body at your center of gravity – do not extend your arms to throw the snow.
Walk to the new location to deposit the item rather than reaching or tossing.
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Probably the best advice I can give you is to either use a snow blower or hire a local kid to do your walks for you (do kids do that anymore? I remember walking around the neighborhood as a kid asking if I could shovel sidewalks and driveways ($5!!)).

Have fun in the snow! Be safe!


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