Stress Reliever – Session 2.2

The session was interesting because my easier exercises that usually give me no problem were difficult. The difficulty wasn’t not due to energy, as I’ve started eating better and focusing on getting the most out of my exercise, I have the desire. For me, having the desire is half the battle. My form on the abdominal exercise is definitely improving aka meaning my shoulders were more relaxed and I am starting to master the leg press. Then, there is the form, the way my strength level is going to work on each exercise, and finally the whole program is a stress reliever for me.

My difficulty was on the other leg exercises, the rotary torso and the pull down. Why so hard today? When I left the workout, I felt a little disheartened. I knew I tried my hardest? Maybe I wasn’t focused. I questioned whether I did my best. As an entrepreneur, I’ve discovered sleepless nights. The night after my session, I fell asleep fast and deeply. In fact, I hadn’t had such a good long sleep in a long time. Then I realized why the workout was difficult for me, I have been stressed and not sleeping well. I am realizing there is a lot more to getting a good workout then just showing up.

I realized that Vertex Fitness worked their magic. My workout allowed me to work hard so that I could finally achieve relaxation. Instead of going for massage, the workout tired and relaxed my muscles, my body, and my mind into a deep state of wonderful rest. ;D

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