Success in Wealth and Health: More Similar Than You Think

At an early age my parents taught me the importance of saving money and investing for the future.  These conversations, although the best advice and information they could give me at the time, never really resonated. Why you ask?  Lets face it, kids and long-term thinking are like oil and water, just cant work no matter how you try to mix it in.  Similarly at a young age, we are taught the importance of health, wellness and fitness in our lives, but seem to take the same child-like approach here as well.  The trick is to see how similar the paths to success are in both, and when you solve the problem for one, apply the same method of solution to the other.

Wealth and Health are near the top of everyone’s list of importance; with that said its surprising as to the amount of people out there that know the magnitude of these two, yet are not educated on them.  Many people graduate from high school without a proper understanding of balancing a checkbook or read financial statements.  Same can be said for health, there are many of us out there that have no idea what goes into our food, and if we do know what goes in we probably don’t know the effect it will have on our body negative or positive. Being physically fit is a lot like being financially fit.  Both endeavors come down to the same working principle pillars; hard work, discipline, determination and focus on a long term goal.

Just having a Long-term goal wont cut it “Once I have a million dollars….ill be happy” “When I have 6-pack abs, ill be confident”.  The more you focus on the end result of money or fitness, the less fulfilling it is and the less likely you are to stick with this goal through the difficult times.  When amassing money or simply being fit and ripped is the goal, you’ll NEVER get there.  Find the passion, purpose and joy behind the goal; once you can achieve this way of thinking and internalizing of your goal, then you will be on a path to success.


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