We all know that there is no “I” in team. But there is a “ME” and that’s not a bad thing.

Teamwork is roughly defined as a group that works together to achieve a goal.At Vertex Fitness, all of the trainers work together to provide an amazing experience for each one of our clients. We trainers also work to grow the business, whether that means attending networking events, making presentations to local businesses or just doing the necessary paperwork required to maintain a business.

The “ME” comes in at this point. All of the trainers have common goals, but we are all different people. Each task will be approached/completed in a manner that is consistent with personality of the trainer. The same can be said of the training sessions. The workouts don’t vary much but the presentation and application of the workout to the client will change from trainer to trainer.

This individualized approach to teamwork breeds efficiency. Working as a team, individuals can use their strengths to complete their part of a job. For example,Joe is a worker, Bob is a computer genius and Mike is a detail-oriented guy and their team needs to set up an event, Joe can take the lead in finding and setting up the venue, Bob can handle to the social media and Mike looks after the refreshment bar. The team got the job done more efficiently by working to their strengths. A big key is for each team member to understand that he/she is just one tooth on a cog. That thought can bring people down, until they realize that the one cog doesn’t work unless all of its teeth are working together!

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