Every July since 2007, Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio has been privileged to participate in the Teen Shop Summer Leadership Program. Held on the campus of Bryn Mawr College, the program affords Philadelphia-resident high school seniors the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, learn the pathways of success, and prepare for life on campus through workshops, field trips, and community service projects.

Teenshop, Inc., founded in 1985, is one of the nation’s longest running week-end empowerment programs dedicated exclusively to the positive development of adolescent girls. Students 13 to 18 who are not teen parents are eligible to join. Teenshop’s national recognition includes Ebony magazine and the Los Angeles Times.


In 1985 while working full-time as a television news personality at Philadelphia’s CBS affiliate, Elleanor Jean Hendley wanted to make a positive difference in the community by developing a program to empower adolescent girls. As a former New Jersey public school educator who created and directed an award-winning after school dance program for girls, Ms. Hendley knew first hand how enrichment activities help students achieve and builds self-esteem.
On Tuesday July 12th, the Vertex Fitness staff worked with 10 amazing young women.  During their visit to the studio, each of the girls experienced a personal training session. The day concluded with an informal round table discussion with Vertex Fitness Owner Dwayne Wimmer and the rest of the staff, about exercise, nutrition and the personal training profession.  The girls, many of whom never worked with a trainer before, asked many questions and embraced the experience.  It was a fun day, one that the staff of Vertex Fitness looks forward to each year.


For more information on the Teen Shop program please visit the Teen Shop, Inc web site www.teenshop.org