The State of the Fitness Industry

The Fitness Professional Show – The State of the Fitness Industry
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In this week’s episode of The Fitness Professional Show we decided to veer a bit from our discussions on starting a fitness business. Over the last few months we’ve noticed that fitness professionals are talking a lot about “the state of the fitness industry”, mostly what’s wrong with it.

We thought it was an important topic to address. Like any industry, there are problems, issues and bad apples. If we start talking about the issues and try to come up with solutions together, we can start to reduce the negative feelings that both fitness professionals and consumers have about the fitness industry.

You with us?? Good! Read on…..

We found three of these articles and picked a topic from each one to discuss in today’s show. Below are links to three blog posts by fitness professionals Jeremey DuVall, JC Deen and Anthony Vennare.

Let’s get a good conversation going about our discussion as well as the other points they brought up in their posts. Please post your thoughts in the comments section.

The Blog Posts

April 2013 – The Downfall of the Personal Training Industry (and What to do to Fix it) by Jeremey DuVall

May 2013 – The Fitness Industry: False Promises, Frustration, and What I’ma Do Differently by JC Deen

June 2013 – How We Can Make the Fitness Industry Suck Less by Anthony Vennare

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Dwayne Wimmer

Dwayne Wimmer is the founder and trainer of Vertex Fitness. With professionalism, expertise and personal attention as his hallmarks, and the utmost concern for his clients’ fitness and wellness as his vision, Dwayne has fulfilled his ultimate dream in opening his own physical fitness training center. His caring, patient yet guiding one-on- one approach encourages individuals to achieve their fitness goals at their own pace, all the while pushing them to the limits so they reach top physical condition.

Through fun and gratifying training sessions, Dwayne brings out the best in a person and builds not only their strength but their self-confidence. He makes exercise a way of life, and something to look forward to on an ongoing basis. Backed by almost two decades of experience in the fitness training field, Dwayne continually attends industry seminars and conferences to maintain his knowledge and discover the latest techniques in fitness.

His solid education formed the foundation of his success. Having graduated with a bachelor of science degree in health and physical education from Missouri Western State College and completed hours towards his masters degree in sports management from East Stroudsburg University, Dwayne went on to serve at various fitness as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and fitness director at Fitness Plus and Final Results Fitness. As fitness Director he not only hired and trained instructors, but also promoted popular weight management programs/seminars and expanded membership sales. At Villanova University, Dwayne served as assistant strength & conditioning coach for male and female varsity athletics, working with athletes such as Philadelphia Eagles Brian Westbrook. Since 1993, he’s worked on his own in the personal training capacity, building business by promoting fitness at local health clubs and schools, as well as physical therapy, weight management and chiropractic centers.

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