Understanding Your Why

A question we all can ask ourselves on a daily basis is “why do I participate in x, y, z activity?” This is an important question to understand and think about daily. The answer is the basis for understanding our motivations, desires, needs, and wants, “Unstand Your Why”.

How does this relate to your workouts? I would ask you to uncover your “why” for exercising and improving your physical health. If you know the answer to this question, that is good. Simon Sinek is famous for developing the concept of your “why”. He mentions that when we have a sense of why we do what we do, we are better able to make decisions and steer our careers in a way that contribute directly to that purpose, cause, or belief. The result is, we feel like we belong … we have a reason for what we do. In other words, we feel fulfilled.

Understanding your “why” for exercising can become a constant reminder to keep you motivated and moving forward towards your health and fitness goals. You can even apply this concept to different modalities of exercise. Why are you running? Why do you participating in pilates? Are these different modalities giving you the intended outcome that you are looking for or are they a less efficient means to reach that goal? These are all questions to consider when developing an exercise program for your life.

As an example, I enjoy physical training for the benefits of becoming physically stronger and seeing changes in my physique as they relate to muscular hypertrophy development. As a former high school athlete and competitive strength athlete now, I enjoy competing against myself. I enjoy seeing self-improvement and the by-products of hard training. Find out your “why”. It will help you stay focused in your journey towards good health.

If goal setting and understanding your “why” for training is difficult for you, this is where the role of a fitness professional can be beneficial. Goal setting is a crucial aspect to achieving success after discovering your “why” for training. Let’s work together to set tangible goals to keep you moving forward in your journey towards good health.

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