Workout Hiatus

Seventh session of the Second round after my workout hiatus

After a week workout hiatus from Vertex Fitness, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I haven’t missed a week since I started. Exercising is not about ease. There will be ‘highs and lows’, ‘peaks and valleys’. Although I had taken a walk at Valley Forge, getting back into the routine was hard.

I have noticed working my legs has been getting harder, we all know the muscles of the legs are much bigger and stronger then the upper body and one would think that would make working them easier. But, since legs are stronger, to do enough work to create a change, it means we have to work harder. I am starting to realize that the stronger I become and the better shape I am in, the harder the workouts need to be to keep me progressing. One of the most important aspects of working out at Vertex is that nothing is easy; all exercises are worked to maximum effort, under control, to get the most out of each rep and set, while staying safe. The goal of working out is not the path of least resistance, but that path of most resistance. If it were easy you wouldn’t be getting much from the time you are spending. Easy work does not supply the overload the body needs to change and we would reach a plateau. A plateau means that you are not improving and you are not going to get in better shape.

So, back to my week workout hiatus, it is so easy to get out of a routine, even if there is a good reason for it. My suggestion is to get right back into it as soon as possible, I can tell a difference from just one week. One week can easily become 2, 3 a month or more. Witch is another great reason I have appointments at Vertex to keep me on track, even if I take a brief workout hiatus.


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