The Goal – Session 2.4

When I went to a concert recently, my goal was to dress to impress. It was a new experience for me and knowing my singing image, I knew my outfit required me wearing my skinny leather pants. I bought them three years ago and never wore them before. I slipped into the leather pants easily. They fit like a glove. Admiringly they fit better then when I first bought them. The whole outfit I wore looked classy and hot. I walked around with confidence.

It was putting that outfit on that I realized why I was working out at Vertex Fitness. Beyond the stress relief and the ability to wear skinny leather pants my workouts help me feel extremely confident. Maybe it was the build up of the endorphins or the confidence of walking with that outfit without fear, either way, my goal working out at Vertex Fitness was defined at that moment.

This week’s workout, my leg exercises my form has vastly improved. Again, I had less sleep then I would like to have on the day of my workout, but I think there were more factors working in my favor. I scheduled a time when I knew I was most focused and have been improving my eating habits. I’ve been drinking protein shakes afterwards and have been choosing to a better breakfast in the morning. Finally and most importantly, having my end goal of building my overall confidence firmly in my mind keeps me focused, even when I have had less the optimal sleep.

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