Breathing Technique – Session 2.6

The session at Vertex Fitness started out great. I realized throughout the workout that I feel I have a long way to go to get as strong as I would like to be and learning the proper breathing technique will help. The exercise to work my chest muscles was difficult. We had increased the weight and I could tell.

Since there is such a feeling of accomplishment when I can perform a lot of repetitions and it is hard to go back to go back to the lower end of the rep range when the weight has been increased. But, that is the progression, as we get stronger we will need more resistance to overload the muscle so there is a reason to continue to get stronger.

My last post I know I talked about breathing, but I am going to talk about it again because I still haven’t mastered the technique. When I exercise, I have the habit of holding my breath. When I am pushing myself to the limit and feeling uncomfortable, I hold my breath. It’s a strange, I think it must be some kind of built in defense mechanism to help the body survive. Or maybe to be able to do a little hard work, but when I have been able to focus on the breathing and get the rhythm down, I can tell how much easier it is to do more work, it is just so difficult to consciously over ride the unconscious mind, especially for those last few reps.

The trainers at Vertex are constantly very patient; they keep encouraging me and never stop working to teach me proper breathing technique.

Relating to the sound of breathing to singing the key to going from a good to great singer is loving the sound of one’s own voice. I am starting to see that same lesson applies when working out. Once a person is used to breathing or hearing the breathing technique during a work out it helps to improve your strength. Like when I sing (A Sophisticate at “V” Fitness: Session Seven: My Song) I know once I am comfortable with my breathing technique I will improve.



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