Voss Water and Vertex Fitness – Session 2.5

Being an entrepreneur and changing my life, I not just changed my life but I changed my routine. Even parts of my routine that I loved I stopped. A part of my old routine was walking at Valley Forge. So, I bought a bottle of Voss water I decided to put strawberries in it and go for a walk. Water is water but adding natural fruit gives it a splash of taste to what I’m drinking makes it much easier to stay hydrated. As per my usual, I walked the entire park. I wondered whether the added activity would be helpful in addition to my workouts at Vertex Fitness.


The next day I was a bit sore, I hadn’t walked the park in what seemed like ages. I had used the muscles in a different way then I do when I am strength training, I can imagine how sore I would have been had I not been working out at Vertex. When I went back for my fifth session, I was strong, it seems the added activity didn’t hurt my strength training performance. I make sure I keep myself well hydrated and I am now really working on my breathing during each exercise. It seems like most people, tend to hold their breath when doing heard work. The trainers have been very helpful in explaining how to keep my airways open and relax my breathing. When I get the breathing right, I will reduce the internal pressure in my body, reduce the effort I put into moving the resistance and therefore do more work with the targeted muscles. In the end getting better results with less effort. I will continue to learn how to breathe properly in order to get the most form my workouts.

I continue to make progress with the strength training and I feel good about the added activity of walking at Valley Forge Park. I love taking my bottle of Voss Water and losing myself in my thoughts while walking. Life of an entrepreneur is good and I am getting back to some of the routines I loved.


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