Summer Tips

Summer is Here!! I will complain to the high heavens about the cold and snow, but you’ll hear nary a word from me about heat and humidity.

However, summer does pose some problems for those of us who exercise. Here are a couple of tips on how to handle those issues.

One of the biggest challenges is what to do with the kids. If you normally work out when the kiddos are in school, you need to re-arrange your workout time. This might mean getting up earlier and getting your workout in before your significant other leaves the house, or maybe coming in for a workout before you go home after work. Whatever the case, don’t stop exercising!

We all know that water should be our beverage of choice, but it is especially important to drink lots of water when it is hot and humid. Figure on 16 ounces an hour or two before you workout, 5 ounces for every 10 minutes you exercise and 16 ounces after you are done working out.

Dress appropriately for the environment. In hot, humid conditions light colored, loose fitting clothing allows the air to come in contact with your skin and help the sweat evaporate and keep you cool (as an aside, since the studio is so well air conditioned, you can pack light, loose clothing to change into when you are done and work out in dark, tight clothes).

So, just a few simple tips to get you through the summer.


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