Anita Heck – Testimonial

I have been going to different types of gyms for quite a few years and have been involved in different types of training/exercise programs in the past. I consider myself in good shape and comfortable in a gym environment.  I started going to Vertex in January 2014 with a good idea of what I thought my experience would be.  I was wrong!

From the moment I walked through the door, I felt that I was about to experience something totally new; and in that I was correct!  The owner, Dwayne Wimmer took the time to talk with me about my goals, my present level of physical activity, my past experiences with training programs and what, if any conditions I may have that would prevent me from training now and reaching my full potential.  After I had a chance to discuss these topics with Dwayne, he told me about the program at Vertex, how things would progress and what to expect each time I went.

Then the fun began…Dwayne showed me through the program.  Immediately what I noticed that was completely different was that Dwayne watched each movement I made and explained all the adjustments I needed to make in order to get the most out of my workout.  Things like: “Relax your shoulders”, “Breathe”, “Elbows in”, “Chest up” are reminders that keep you focused on what you are doing.  Even pointing out an adjustment in which muscles you should be focusing on is a great help. Since then, I have worked with other trainers at Vertex and have had the same attention to detail and personal interaction that I have with Dwayne.

The gym is clean and pleasant, the trainers are knowledgeable and professional, the progression of the program is well thought out and most importantly, the results are quite evident!

Anita Heck
Eagleville, PA



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