Correct Form is Everything – A New Client’s Experience at Vertex Fitness

I’ve played sports my whole life and have worked with personal trainers before, but Vertex is different. In the past, I would obsess over how much weight I was lifting and took great pride when I successfully moved up in weight. However, at Vertex, the focus is not so much on weight as it is on correct form. Because of this, I find that my sessions are much more effective. I now find myself caring more about the movement of my muscles than moving the weight.

I had never really used exercise machines before, but I have found that they help me isolate the muscle I am working in my mind so that I can make sure I am only working that muscle. Dwayne has helped me think about the exercises in a different way. He helps me focus on the specific motion of the exercise regardless of weight. This ensures that I am performing each exercise with correct form. When I focus on weight, all I care about is moving it regardless of my form. This is not the most effective way to exercise.  The emphasis on correct form makes Vertex sessions safer and more efficient. Because each exercise is so focused, it can only be performed for so long before I reach muscle failure.

I had a hard time believing that I would feel fatigued after thirty minutes, but by the end of my first session, I was exhausted.  It is thirty minutes well spent. There have been times when I have spent over an hour in the gym and have not felt the way I feel after my session at Vertex. Because the exercises are so focused, there are no wasted movements. In order to get these results, it is crucial to have correct form.

Since I started my time at Vertex, I have noticed that my legs and arms are more muscular. I feel stronger. I am able to help lift boxes at work with ease. I like Vertex because it offers a mental challenge in addition to a physical one. I perform every exercise until I am no longer able to. This is difficult to think about going into each session. It has helped focus more on what I want to get out of each session. I overcome the mental challenge by thinking about my fitness goals. Vertex has helped me realize how effective resistance training can be. I have developed a better understanding of how to get the most out of each exercise.


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