Growing up in a family plagued with diabetes, I’ve seen first hand the devastation it can cause to a persons health and quality of life. Unfortunately some diabetic patients think the diagnosis is a life sentence to an uncomfortable life. It doesn’t have to be so! Along with medications a proper diet and exercise can help control it. In fact according to an article I found on the American Diabetes Association website (via. WebMD) exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes as well as improve insulin and blood sugar production for those who already have the condition., another diabetes support site, explains why high intensity resistance training is beneficial for people stricken with this disease.  They explain how with proper resistance training you can put on muscle mass, which helps with absorption of glucose in the blood as well as improving insulin sensitivity. Along with putting on muscle mass other benefits of resistance training can include weight loss, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and it could possibly reduce the amount of diabetes medicine your physician prescribes.

Anyone with any health issues should always check with their physician before starting an exercise routine. If you’re new to exercise, it’s also advised to seek professional training for proper exercise technique as improper exercise could lead to injury.


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