What Exercise Means To Me

I describe myself as a physically active person, but being active does not necessarily mean I’m getting exercise. Before I arrived at Vertex Fitness and met the owner Dwayne Wimmer, I was under the misconception, like many of us, that just by getting my body in motion,being active, or under stress like slinging free weights was exercising. While reading Body By Science an informative and well researched book on exercise by Doug McGruff., MD., and John Little, I came across their definition of exercise that changed how i look at what Im doing. Exercise defined in the book is “A specific activity that stimulates a physiological adaptation that serves to enhance fitness and health and does not undermine the latter in the process of enhancing the former.” This is what exercise means to me.

I thought about my forms of exercise like free weights, jogging, golfing and shooting hoops or playing ball with my dog Champ, while some may stimulate my muscle they are prone to impacting my health negatively compared to the benefits I receive from doing them. When lifting free weights I worked out all the time thinking more is better only to end up over training myself. I had sore joints instead of muscles. Sore in all the wrong places I like to say. Running brings on the chance of  shin splints,  sprained ankles and bad knees “specific but not enhancing.”  Playing with the dog and golfing is great recreation and help being active but not specific enough to make change.

Since coming to Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio, I have been introduced to what I call a  revolutionary program of training. I is a safe, controlled weight program that is also time efficient called High Intensity Training. Its about form and strength building not just moving mass for ego.  Next week Ill discuss the program im using now (HIT) and how it stimulates muscle growth, bone strength and cardio vascular  improvement while taking injury out of the equation all that and a bag of chips well no bag of chips but it will change reduce body fat and build lean muscle.

What exercise means to me is more time enjoying the activities I choose through a safe and time efficient strength building program. All the benefits I want to receive from my exercise program.

Written by a trainer at Vertex Fitness

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