Why You Cannot Do Personal Training in a Vacuum Part 1: The Trainer’s Perspective

It you want to to get into personal training?  You need to work outside the bubble.

I’ve been working as a personal trainer at Vertex Fitness for a little over three months, and although this isn’t a very long time, I can say that one thing that I have noticed the most about my job is it’s similarity to refereeing fencing.

Of course, most people are not that familiar with fencing. I’ve been fencing competitively for over 11 years and refereed nationally for 8. Just like any sport, as a referee you need to see multiple components of the action. If you focus only on a single aspect, you miss the entire encounter. Nothing happens in a vacuum. Personal training is very similar. There is never one situation that is exactly the same as another. Each individual you work with is going to have a different level of capability, a different personality, and different ways of communicating both verbally and non-verbally. Any good personal trainer must be able to read the information a client is providing at any given time, and adjust the feedback you provide to taylor to your client.

Something that is told to every potential trainer walking into Vertex Fitness, is that the profession of personal training is much more than merely counting repetitions and setting up weights. The job of a personal trainer is to help clients gain the most from each workout; whether it’s correcting their technique, providing information, or helping them work harder. Ask yourself if you understand and can explain the reason behind the workouts you do? Are the exercises in a specific order? Are you taking what a client says to you and applying it to your workout? Are you able to adjust your workouts to fit your clients needs if they come in with a certain ache or pain? A lot of personal training involves being able to view the information that is given to you and processing it to produce the best outcome to help your clients.

If you are a personal trainer, never allow yourself to get to a point where you’re comfortable with where you are. Keep learning as much as possible about your profession and about your clients, the more you know the better able you will be to help and retain your clients.

Tell us about your experience as a personal trainer, what has helped you become the best at what you do?


Former Vertex Fitness Personal Training Staff Member

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