new years resolution goal setting

We all see it. In the week following New Years, gyms are packed full of new exercisers ready and enthusiastic to get back into the game, this year will be the year to lose those 5, 15, or 20 pounds. But by March gym attendance is back down to normal. While New Years resolutions are great, why not take the initiative now and start working to achieve your fitness goals today.

Start by deciding on what you want to achieve. Make a realistic, measurable goal for yourself, whether it’s being able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting tired, or running a marathon, decide on a point to work toward. This will help you stay motivated and be able to track your progress towards that goal.

Plan out what you’re going to do. Improving your fitness often means making permanent lifestyle changes. A little preparation can make the difference between relapsing to old bad habits and a successful exercise routine.

Set aside time to exercise on a regular basis. Commit a specific amount of time to exercising every week, make it a routine, and stick to it. This way it will already be planned into your schedule and you won’t have to go searching for the time to exercise.

There’s no better time to start than now. It’s easy to put things off until tomorrow, next week, or until the New Year. Ask yourself this: if not now, then when is it going to happen? Don’t put off achieving improved health and fitness until tomorrow, start now!

What will it take for you to make the decision to start exercising? Leave a comment on what has prevented you from starting or maintaining your workouts.