Why do I exercise? – A Clients Perspective

Why do I exercise?  From the time I was a little kid playing Pop Warner football till now, I have been active in sports. Now at the age of 49 it’s even more important that I stay involved and exercise regularly to stay fit and participate in activities that make my life enjoyable. Like playing pick up games of basketball with my nephew and his friends to walking a round golf and leaving the cart back at the clubhouse or just jogging through the woods on a sunny afternoon. It feels great! Sometimes as I work out sweating, huffing and puffing I will ask myself “Why am I doing this?” The answer comes at the end of the session. My body although tired feels alive, my muscles tingling and endorphins flowing. My mind is relaxed and refreshed ready for the rest of the day. My spirits are elevated I have a sense of accomplishment, completing a session that moment before I thought I could never get through. Exercising increases my strength; my heart is healthier and stronger. It keeps me flexible and helps prevent injuries. It makes everything, from walking up stairs, playing golf or just taking my dog Champ for a walk, less stressful on my body.

The answer to the question, “Why do I exercise?” To enjoy life to its fullest.


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