How to Up Your Game with Golf Sports Conditioning

August is National Golf Month, and we want to bring your game to the next level. Last month, we talked about how it’s a good idea to get your body used to physical activity before you go all-out on a strenuous sport. This is to lower your chance of injury or even heart attack. It also allows you to more fully enjoy the activities you choose. You can read more about that here. Doing targeted exercises to support a particular activity or sport is known as sports conditioning. Sports conditioning can do great things for your golf game. Golf sports conditioning involves strengthening the muscles in your arms, abdomen, and legs to give you a more powerful swing and greater control.

Golf is considered a low impact sport. This means that it causes minimal wear and trauma to weight-bearing joints, especially of the foot, knee, and hip. This makes golf a perfect activity for those who may be recovering from hip or knee surgery. It’s also a good sport for those who are trying to increase their level of activity gradually.

Golf Sports Conditioning for Better Performance

For serious players of the game, it’s necessary to get stronger to play at a higher level. There is a book that we recommend for players looking to experiment with golf sports conditioning called “Complete Conditioning for Golf” of the Complete Conditioning for Sport series.

Complete Conditioning for Golf was co-authored by Wayne Westcott, PhD, who we’ve talked about before. Wayne Westcott PhD has been doing research on HIT for over thirty years, and I refer to his work often. HIT, as you may remember, stands for High Intensity Training, and it is the type of strength training that we practice here at Vertex Fitness. HIT is based off of the work of Arthur Jones, and its focuses on safe, efficient, effective, and evidence-based resistance training. Because HIT involves working the whole body, it is a great match for golfers.

Golfers at Vertex Fitness

We train many golfers here at Vertex Fitness, who report that their golf games have improved and their practice of the sport has become more enjoyable as they grew stronger. Here is a testimonial from AK Frazier, who worked with Vertex Fitness as part of a golf sports conditioning program:

“Although golf is a game of finesse, strength is also a big factor. Strength is even more important for women than it is for men because the farther women hit the ball, the bigger the advantage. Every woman on the tour will attest to that, especially Annika Sörenstam who has made her intense workouts a cornerstone of her success.

Motivated by this, I have been training at Vertex. In just four months I have seen results I couldn’t imagine. I am religious about the workouts. I know my workouts will make me a more powerful player therefore more successful.

In the short time I have been training, I notice an improvement in my endurance and performance. I feel as solid over the ball on the 18th hole as I do on the 1st. And the extra 10 yards are a big bonus!”

– AK Frazier


Golf sports conditioning is a great idea for anyone who wants to play at a higher level and get more out of their enjoyment of the game of golf. Come talk to us at Vertex Fitness about your fitness goals, and we can help you reach them.

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