Are You Getting the Most Value from your Training?

Do you have measurable data that you analyze on a regular basis from your strength training program? A topic that comes up frequently at Vertex Fitness is, “How much effort should I put into my training?” The amount of effort or intensity one puts into exercise has a direct impact on your results or return on investment. How can we measure our training? How do we know if we are working hard or hardly working?

The best way to measure your training and how hard you are truly working is by your effort level. Do you exercise to a point of discomfort? Do you try to make exercise harder each time you walk into the facility? Have you ever trained to the point of momentary muscular failure (MMF) where you could not complete another repetition of the exercise with correct form through a full range of motion? If you can answer yes to those questions, I would say that you are on the right track. I would also suggest tracking your exercise selection, load, repetitions, and total workout time. These variables are all solid indicators of progress and metrics you can use to gauge your results.

The point of exercise is to stimulate a physiological change in the human body that creates a positive impact on an individual’s body composition, strength levels, and quality of life. I would take it a step further and say that through productive exercise you accelerate this process with proper training. This is why it is important to work hard when you exercise. Why take more time than necessary to achieve the goal? If you can get the results you are looking for in ½ the amount of time, then I would say that is a win-win. This is why it is important to work hard when you exercise. You will be more efficient and productive with your time, energy, and efforts in a strength training program.

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