Today, there are many high stressful situations in the workplace. Having to meet deadlines, making new appointments or rescheduling appointments, staying into the early morning finishing the last bit of work. There are just not enough hours in the day anymore. Imagine being the manager of a small business. You are in charge of at least 60 individuals who must represent the organization on the clock as well as off of the clock. If that seems like a daunting task, then you can understand the challenge that most coaches willingly accept. A coach must handle the resonsibility of molding young men and women. They must prepare them, to the best of their ability, for success while maintaining their own performance as a teacher in the classroom. The stress of being a coach has recently been brought to the forefront of sports news. Coaches such as Mark D’Antonio from MIchigan State, who had a heart attack after their victory over Norte Dame. Urban Meyer of Florida, who was nearly forced into retirement due to health issues. Lastly, Tim Cullick of Nevada, who admitted to not having even a physical in over 20 years. When you’re constantly crunched for time, it’s hard to take time to do things that promote your own health and well being. For those of us who are pressed for time, the Vertex Fitness program is an excellent opportunity to address your physical and mental needs. The training sessions at Vertex are quick, effective and have low risk of injury. The post workout rush can ignite the spark that may be missing in your life. Start taking time to take care of your health, especially those of you who mentor others.  
Don’t treat the world like there is a spare in the trunk, cause you just may miss the ride of your life.