My first personal training session at Vertex was nothing like I thought it would be. I’ve been to gyms in the past but never to a personal training studio.  I understand better now their differences. My original idea of a personal training studio was a place people simply go to work out. That’s it. But, after my first training session at Vertex, I realized that I was not in a gym and my time at Vertex, as a staff member and a client, was going to consist of so much more than just a work out. 
After my personal trainer interview I was asked to experience a personal training session because it is very important to Dwayne Wimmer, Vertex owner and Kelly McCauley, Assistant Manager, that I understand and believe in the Vertex training system and its ability to improve the anyone’s health and well-being. I was skeptical but interested. A complete body workout in less than one hour? I’m used to spending at least an hour and a half on only one section of my body. 
Dwayne Wimmer started my first training session by having a conversation with me about what I wanted to accomplish at Vertex and everything that needed to be taken into consideration while we pursued my goal. From that moment on it was all about me! A workout that was specific to my abilities, and me was developed immediately and I was taken through a focused, full body workout in about forty minutes! I was physically tired but I was energized at the same time. Best of all, I wasn’t in pain. I was able to go throughout the rest of my day unhindered. 
I am now approaching my fifth session at Vertex and I’m hooked. I’m not working out anymore until I’m crippled like I was before and I exercise with maximum efficiency, getting every productive drop out of my routine in record time. Who wants to waste time, energy, and effort? The skill of personal training is not easy to learn nor is it a speedy process, but I look forward to learning more everyday and being able to help others with their fitness goals at Vertex Fitness.