High Intensity Training (HIT) and Mental Endurance

How can High Intensity Training help strengthen the mind as well as the body?

As a college athlete, my coach always emphasized the importance of being mentally tough in order to succeed. It was part of our training, half of our practice was meant to improve our athletic abilities, while simultaneously working to become stronger in terms of mental endurance. We knew we could get through a difficult competition because we’re been through all the practice and training. Mental endurance isn’t only needed for the best sports performance, but can help you in all aspects of life. When things become difficult and stressful, having good mental endurance, or “mental toughness” as my coach would say, helps you to focus on what matters most and to strategize a course of action in any given situation.

So how can this concept of mental endurance connect with High Intensity Training? With the help of your personal trainer, who genuinely wants to help you achieve the most out of each workout, and encourages you to keep working through the point where your muscles begin to tire. At this point, your brain wants to stop the movement because your muscles are having to adapt to the resistance. But because your trainer believes in you and encourages you to keep going you’re able to complete three more repetitions. You amaze yourself! And you just learned how much you really are capable of, and you know that next time, as long as you focus, you’ll be able to do even more.

You can apply this concept of mental endurance to all aspects of life. Just like building muscle strength, you build your mental endurance by progressively working a little harder each day.

Remember, if you have the mental endurance to get through a set on the leg press, you can do anything!


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