How to Make Time for Exercise

As we settle into our work routines, it’s always a challenge to find time for exercise. It always seems like other things just take higher priority, you don’t have enough energy or lack motivation to get to the gym, or you plain just can’t find the time out of your day.

Exercise is important, most of us know that. So what are some ways that may help you organize some time during the week to get your workout in? Here are some tips:

First, take a good look at where you are spending time each day. You’ll probably find that you have more time than you think. By looking at how much time you spend, say  on facebook, or checking your mail, you may be able to squeeze out an extra half hour per day.

Work harder during each workout: if you up the intensity of your workout, you won’t have to work for so long and you can shorten the frequency of your workouts to three or four times a week.

Find a workout buddy: Exercising with someone helps you stay motivated. You know you have someone depending on you to meet that exercise time, and in most cases you can get more from your workout by pushing each other to work a little harder.

Build exercise into your routine: find a time during your day to devote to exercise and commit to it. This way it is already in your schedule, it’s your time to get your exercise in, and you can organize other items around it.

If you find these tips helpful to help you make time for exercise, or have any suggestions for what helps you find time for exercise, please leave a comment and tell us what you think!


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