How Vertex Helped Me Grow Professionally

I am Ray Rabchuk, I started working at Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio in 2010.  I came to Vertex Fitness no experience as a personal trainer,  in business or sales. I also lacked networking experience, never really going out of my way to meet people. Getting in to any type of business where you deal with people on a regular basis would require these skills. Vertex has helped me grow professionally and personally.

The Vertex philosophy is to learn by doing. While I was given the tools to succeed in forms of books and guidance I still had to push myself to break through my comfort barrier. Getting outside of my comfort zone and facing the things that made me nervous was a difficult task. However, doing so has helped me greatly in all aspects of life, both personally and professionally.

I am still at Vertex as a trainer in a part time position on Saturdays and have since taken the skills and confidence that I gained from this position and applied it to a full time Sales Career as a Mortgage Originator. I exuberate confidence in my knowledge and have no fears of reaching out to people. Networking and approaching strangers is now second nature to me. Growing professionally is a lot like exercise. It’s not much fun when done effectively, it’s hard work, often uncomfortable, and you get greater results the harder you work.

I suggest to everyone to get outside their comfort zone and grow.  It will last a lifetime.

Ray Rabchuk
Personal Trainer
Vertex Fitness Personal Training Studio


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